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Recent years have seen a great variety of applications of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) for use in evaluating the performance of many different kinds of entities engaged in many different activities in many different contexts in many different countries. One reason is that DEA has opened up possibilities for use in cases which have been resistant to other approaches because of the complex (often unknown) nature of the relations between the multiple inputs and multiple outputs involved in many of these activities (which are often reported in non-commeasurable units). Examples include the maintenance activities of U.S. Air Force bases in different geographic locations, or police forces in England and Wales as well as performances of branch banks in Cyprus and Canada and the efficiency of universities in performing their education and research functions in the U.S., England and France. These kinds of applications extend to evaluating the performances of cities, regions and countries with many different kinds of inputs and outputs that include "social" and "safety-net" expenditures as inputs and various "quality-of-life" dimensions as outputs.

DEA SolverPro™ is designed on the basis of the textbook: Data Envelopment Analysis-A Comprehensive Text with Models, Applications, References and DEA-Solver Software, by W.W. Cooper, L.M. Seiford and K. Tone, 2nd edition (Springer 2006). DEA Book 2nd Edition (hardcover)

A slightly older version is also available: DEA Book 1st Edition (paperback)


Potential users of the professional version of DEA SolverPro™ may purchase the 2nd edition text book first, and use the student version of the software included in the book. While this book serves as a user's manual, a documentation "Introduction to DEA SolverPro™" is provided which contains the introduction and references to the new models not covered by the textbook.


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   Latest Releases

With the latest release of version 15f, we have added the CRS (constant returns-to-scale) version to NegativeData_SBM models. Furthermore, as for Malmquist models, we have added the cumulative and the adjusted Malmquist indices. In the previous release 15a, we introduced a new feature Negative Data SBM, which handles negative data often encounted in industrial applications, like financial data. Now we can handle positive and negative data in a single DEA model. The efficiency scores are units invariant. For more details, go to newsletter 19.

The final release of version 14 is 14d, with a new feature SBM Bounded Model as an extention to SBM Max of version 13. In the real world, there are cases where input resources and/od output expansion are restricted by external constraints. SBM Bounded Model takes care of such situations, so that the outcome of SBM Bounded Model becomes more realistic than before. Note that these SBM models essentially represent KAIZEN improvement. For more details, go to newsletter 17.

The final release of version 13 is 13g, with a new feature super SBM Max model. Earlier SBM model replaces SBM Variation model of version 12. The SBM models usually report the worst efficiency scores for inefficient DMUS, i.e. the projected point is the farthest one on the associated ewfficient frontier. In contrast, SBM Max models look for the nearest point on the efficient frontier, so that one can attain an efficient status by minimum input resources and output expansion. For more details, go to newsletter 15 and newsletter 16.

The final release for version 12 is 12i, which repairs minor problems of the CCR model. In the release 12e, we introduced a new feature, called SBM Variations, by which you can find the nearest point on the associated efficient frontier by maximizing the efficiency score. For more details, go to newsletter 14. Note that in Version 12, we also added a feature, Directional Distance Model, which computes the efficiency of DMUs along the given direction of DMU. We offer two types of efficiency calculations, i.e. the ordinary one and the super efficiency. This is an innovative extension of Radial Models (CCR and BCC), which had limited orientations of input and output. For detailed discussion on this model, take a look at Newsletter 13.

For downloading all the newsletters, click DEA SolverPro™ Newsletters.

   Network & Floating Licenses

We offer a network license of DEA SolverPro™. With a network license installed on your server, you can use DEA SolverPro™ from your client PC's on your local area network. This function is quite useful in a class room environment where a number of students may use the software concurrently.

A floating license, by which you can install the program on multiple PCs, is also available now. Use the software on any one of them at a time by activating it with a dongle. You can use the software at work, or at home, by carrying a licensed USB dongle. It is a convenient way to use the program on mutiple PC's without purchasing multiple licenses. See details in Purchase Information below.

   Excel Versions and 32/64 bit mode

Currently following Excel Versions are supported: 2010, 2013, 2016 (32 bit & 64 bit mode, Version 10 and later) and 2019.

For desktop DEA SolverPro™ Versions 9, 8, and 7, we have separate modules for 32 bit and 64 bit mode Excel. I.e., if you want to use the software on 64 bit mode Excel, you need to use the 64 bit version of our software. You get both (32 bit & 64 bit) Versions in the installation package or in downloads, so use the right one. For Versions 10 and later, there is one module which works for both 32 bit and 64 bit mode Excel. If you have one of these old versions, upgrading to the latest DEA-SOLVER-PRO version is highly recommended.

For floating and network licenses, we now have the 64 bit Version available, starting Version 12c. Note before Version 12c, we only supported the 32bit mode.

   Usage on Excel 2013 and 2016

Problems in accessing data files have been reported on Excel 2013. We fixed the problems, and Version 10 and later ones work with Excel 2013 or 2016. If you have 8 or an older version and if you want to use it on Excel 2013 or 2016, we suggest that you get an upgarde as described below.

   Protected View on Excel 2010 & 2013 & 2016

All the samples files are in protected view mode initially. As such, users are encourgaed to remove such protection at the beginning. It is highly recommended that you remove protection from any Excel files, outside in Excel and DEA updates.

   Purchase Information

If you would like to purchase a license for DEA SolverPro™, download the order form, fill the form and sign and send a PDF file by an email to SAITECH. Upon receiving your order form, we will let you know how to download the files. Note that installing the software implies that you have agreed with the license contract. You can obtain the license agreement by clicking on the DEA SolverPro™ License Agreement.

The current price for one CPU license is $ 800 for educational institutions (students and teachers only), and $1,600 for business (prices as of April 2021). Note these prices are for a single CPU (up to quad core with maximum of 16 thread CPU) license only and for those with more than 16 threads, the price is 30 % extra. The second license has to be purchased at $400 for additional CPU's at educational institutions, and $800 for business. See Software Distribution below for shipping and handling charges.

If you have already purchased one of version 1 through 14, the version-up price for 15 is half the regular license fee. Please write "version-up" on the order form when you apply. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you need to receive a CD with the software, have already purchased one of version 1 through 14, the version-up price for 15 is half the regular license fee. Please write "version-up" on the order form when you apply. Prices are subject to change without notice.

The network license (see below for detail) fees depend on the number of concurrent users on the network. You can get the current network & floating license prices. Prices may change without notice.

Note that because of legal complexity involved, we will not review any change requests in the license agreement.

Japanese customers who wish to pay in Japanese yen, please use the order form by clicking Japanese order form. Japanese license prices are quoted on the Japanese page, which can be reached by clicking on the Japanese flag above. Please email us the order form by PDF.

   Available Versions for Downloading

* For version 15 users:

The newest version 15f includes the CRS (constant returns-to-scale) version to Negative Data SBM. Note also we have a new set of documentation, including description of this new feature, and sample data.

* For version 14 users:

The last version 14d includes SBM Bounded.

* For version 13 users:

The last version 13g includes super SBM Max.

* For version 12 users:

The last release is 12i, and releases 12i through 12f include SBM Variations. The version 12d repaired minor numerical problems, and came with the Directional Distance model.

* For version 11 or earlier users:

Dowloading is no longer available. Please get in touch with us for upgrading.

``@Support Information@``

   Software Distribution

Currently we distribute the software from our web site; i.e. no CD shipment and no additional charge. However, if you request, we can send you a CD with software at additional cost. Shipping is by the USPS Express ($ 30 for US destinations and $ 80 for outside USA). If you want a CD, indicate it on your application form and also specify the destination address clearly. For network and floating licenses, we will ship a CD and a licensed dongle.

   Technical Support is by email only; No Telephone calls, No emergency requests

Due to complexity of technical support issues by many versions of Windows and Excel in different contries, technical problems may not be solved promptly as some customers may wish. As such, it is recommended that potential customers may place an order well in advance before any crisis may take place, such as deadlines of research papers and presentations etc., which we will not help obviously. While we try our best to resolve technical issues as soon as possible, threre is no guarantee for timely resolution and the support, including installation problems, is done only by email. We very much appreciate such understanding when you place an order.

If you have a technical problem while istalling the program, please send us a screen capture of any error messages. If an error occurrs while you are running the program, send us the screen capture of the error message and your data.

   Caveats for Registration key and Technical Support

Note that requesting for registration key or technical support is processed only by email. Always include your name, organization, the date you purchased the license and the version number in your correspondence. Also include the name of the person who actually purchased the program before, if it is not yourself. Please be aware that it may take more than a day to make the registration key to work. Although we try to process the customer requests as quickly as possible, we can not guarantee any turn-around time for issuing a registration key or for answering technical questions.

For network and floating licenses, there is no registration key or password, but a licensed dongle is used at a USB port.

   Relicensing Software because of OS Changes and Hardware Crashes

For a hard disk crash or Windows OS upgrade in the future, you may need a new registration key. In such a case, send us a letter requesting a new registration key with original license information, including the date, version number, user name and organization, signed by an official person other than the licensee. We will issue a free registration key once per user upon receiving such a letter. This service is only available for downloadable versions as listed in Latest Releases, i.e. your version is too old, we will not render such service.

If you would like to get the newest version at the same time, there will be a version-up cost as indicated in Purchase Information above. Download an order form from the link above and email it to us.

   Time Limit for Issuing a Registration Key

Each licensee must request a registration key within 60 days from the purchase date. Requests for a registration key after the 60-day period may not be fulfilled.

   Consulting Services

We offer consulting services on application of the software to real-world cases. Get in touch with us by email.


If you need more information on the software and services, contact us by email.

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